Jerrold C. Manock

President & Principal Designer

Jerrold C. Manock

14 Kingsland Terrace

Burlington, VT  05401

    Business Telephone:  (802)  864-8183
    Home Telephone:  (802)  863-6627
    Fax: (802) 658-2238

    To provide New Product Development and Product Design Engineering consulting services
    for clients valuing a creative, multidisciplinary, team approach to problem  solving, along with a strong
    emphasis on involving the end user in this process, on global environmental awareness,
    and on efficient use of energy and resources.

    Since 1968, a Product Design Engineer experienced in combiningcreative idea synthesis,
    human factors, and a working knowledge of high, medium, and low-volume  manufacturing processes
    for metals, plastics, and wood, with the ability to plan and carry a project from concept sketches,
    through models and working drawings, to the finalization of tooled production prototypes.

    o  B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, 1966.
    o  M.S., Mechanical Engineering - Product Design, Stanford University, 1968.
        Master's Project:
            A device to aid in the percussion-drainage therapy given to children with cystic fibrosis.

Employment Experience:

1979 - 1984: Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, CA:  Corporate Manager of Product Design.

    Formed and supervised a special design group that eventually had the complete responsibility
    for the mechanical product design of the Macintosh® personal computer.  Also responsible
    for the Disk II®, the Apple III®, and the preliminary design of the Lisa® office computer.
    Resigned to reactivate consulting practice to focus on development of proprietary designs.

1972 - 1975: Telesensory Systems, Inc., Palo Alto, CA:  Chief Mechanical Engineer.

    Supervision of cost reduction programs for the Optacon, a device to allow the blind to read ordinary
    printed material, and design of the Speech +, the first four-function, hand-held, "talking" calculator.
    Resigned to start a product design consulting practice.

1968 - 1972: Hewlett-Packard Co., Microwave Division, Palo Alto, CA:  Product Design Engineer.

    Responsible for the mechanical design and ergonomics for 13 electronic measuring instruments.
    Resigned to travel with my wife for nine months in Europe.


    August, 1970:
        Received a WESCON award for the product design of the Hewlett-Packard 8721A, 11651-60001,
        11652-6001 Network Analyzer Accessory Family.

    March, 1971:
        A piece of floor furniture selected for display in the California Design Eleven exhibition at the
        Pasadena Art Museum.  Catalog Page 35, Library ofCongress Catalog Card No. 71-156340,
        ISBN 0378-06081-3

Entrepreneurial Experience:

1994 - 1995:  DesignLink, Burlington, VT - Principal, Integrated Product
    Development joint venture.

    o  For Karhu, U.S.A., Design Consulting for a new line of inline skates.

    o  For Riedell Shoes, Inc.,  Design and Development of an innovative ice hockey skate system.

1976 - Present:  Manock Comprehensive Design, Inc., Palo Alto,
     CA and Burlington, VT - President.

    o  Electronic packaging for Northern California clients such as Ford Aerospace and Varian Associates.

    o  Consulted for Apple Computer starting in 1977.  In this capacity, responsible for the
        product / industrial design and the mechanical engineering on the Apple II® personal computer.

    o  Since moving to Vermont in 1985, focus has been on designing and marketing proprietary products
        such as the Chrona® Calendars, Tubic furniture, and commercial software for the Macintosh computer
        with special emphasis on conceptual, user interface, and screen design.

    o  Design collaboration on, and construction supervision of a passive solar post and beam single family
        residence in Essex, Vermont as a testbed for energy efficient construction ideas and NAHB Smart House

    o  For Concept II, Inc., Morrisville, VT; FlexFoot® Ergometer Foot Retaining System and a User's Manual.

    o  For Sundance Solar Products, Inc.;  Design and Development of Diogenes®,  a solar powered uninterruptible
        power supply for personal electronics and of a portable solar power center  for Hewlett-Packard, Inc.

    o  For Connextex, LLRP;  Design and Development of The Rumbler,  a three-axis shaker used in orthopedic
        medical research into osteoporosis mitigation processes.

1984 - Present:  Kinetic Software, Inc. / JetReady Travel Services, Woodside, CA:  Participating Minority Stockholder.

    Review of products, literature, and marketing plans for passive solar design software and daylighting design software.

    Conceptualization and initial planning of a patented expert system computer program, currently in use in travel agencies
    nationwide, to help alleviate jet lag symptoms when traveling across multiple time zones.

1989 - 1991:  The MacResource People®, South Burlington, VT:  Founder.

    A retail service bureau specializing in providing training, consultation, hardware access, and information specifically for
    Apple's Macintosh® computer.  TMRP also focused on writing custom databases for small businesses as well as
    developing vertical application software for niche markets.  Sold the division to return to private product design practice.

1987 - 1990:  Innovation Partners, Inc., Princeton, NJ:  Founding Partner.

    A consulting company to help businesses innovate to bring products to new markets by integrating multidisciplinary
    development teams consisting of design, technology, marketing, and  manufacturing personnel.

Special Interests:

o  1989 - Present:  The Nyctea Foundation, San Jose, CA - Chairman of the Board.

        A nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation whose goal is to foster computer literacy as a tool to allow Native American
        fine artists or graphic artists the option of participating in a high-technology economy while remaining
        physically close to their traditional tribal culture.  Also, The Nyctea Foundation helps manage the Kookyangw
        Fund of First Nations Development Institute.

o  1989 - 1990:  Odyssey of the Mind:  Coach of Vermont State Champions, 1990.  Problem Judge, 2001.

o  Summer / Fall 1991:  Participation in Vermont State Department of Education Math, Science, and Technology
        NSF Grant Initiative.

1999-2001:  Contributing member of Curriculum Design Team, Technical Education Committee, and Site Selection
        Committee for the Workforce Investment Board, Lake  Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce, charged with
        planning and construction of a new magnet Grade 9-12 Technical / Academic High School using a career academy model.

o  2000:  Selected to attend 9 month long Leadership Champlain program sponsored by the Lake Champlain Regional
        Chamber of Commerce.

o  Summer 2001 - Present:  Volunteer boat builder for the Canal Schooner Project of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum.
        Launching scheduled for Summer, 2004.

Teaching Experience:

o  One of 4 instructors for an experimental Integrated Math, Science, and Technology course, Burlington High School, 1994-95.
        Instruction Team for "Integrated Studies," Burlington High School, 1997-98, 1998-99, winning overall First Place Award
        in the UVM TASC Competition, 1999.

o  Adjunct Instructor, Mechanical Engineering Department, for Integrated Product Development, an interdepartmental concurrent
        engineering / Business School course, University of Vermont, Fall 1992-93, Spring 1993-94, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97,
        1997-98, 1998-99, 2000-2001.

        Three published papers.

Professional Societies:

o  1968 - Present:  American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

o  1976 - Present:  American Solar Energy Society.

o  1976 - 1983:  Industrial Design Society of America, San Francisco Chapter Vice Chairman (in charge of programs)
        and Treasurer (in charge of fund raising).


o  Married, two children.

o  Hobbies include hiking, backpacking, skiing, sailing, travel, woodworking, Taiko drum building, and reading.